Monday, December 3, 2012

Discworld and The Colour of Magic

Several decades ago a man name Terry Pratchett wrote a book about a strange and magical world that is completely flat and rides through the universe on the back of four elephants that in turn ride upon a giant turtle. Over the years this world has grown and taken shape and numerous sub stories flow between different books and I have dipped in to something like 20 of the books.

With the new kindle that arrived in the post a few days back I decided to download the entire Discworld back catalogue and now it's time to finally catch up on the gaps in my reading of the Discworld series


The colour of magic is a difficult book to read as a fan of the disc. As with the beginning of any series it's missing various bits that we now know and love and is very much a book of building up the enormous back story that forms the modern Disc.

It is classical fantasy in many ways, with magic and trolls and all of the good stuff. It is also funny in a way that few other fantasies are. I admit, I was wary of reading this book because, much like watching the first episode of a log running tv show, half the characters are played by the wrong actor and the sets look all wrong.

The colour of magic (octareen) is the 8th colour, which is a significant number to wizards in the way that 13 is to people with too much imagination. Throughout this story rincewind the failed wizard chases across the Disc after a small tourist and chased by a treasure chest on legs experiencing magic of all kinds an narrowly evading certain deaths.

I don't love this story. But like the concrete foundations of a fantastic building it may not quite fit the aesthetic, but nothing could exist without something to build on.

Next: the light fantastic!

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