Saturday, August 20, 2011

Charity starts online

Did you know that I suffer from mental health problems from time to time? If you are a regular reader of this blog you must do, I've talked about my depression enough. Recently a very close friend of mine has had a diagnosis of depression, one I think those close to them gave long before. They got treatment, got help, and are working back out of the hole. My brother and sister both suffer with "more than just the blues" from time to time, and countless more of my friends have had one or two bouts of depression in their life which have passed and moved on never to be heard of again. And this is just one of hundreds of individually classified mental health disorders.

The charity Mind are one of the UKs leading mental health charities, with campaigns ranging from mental health at work to support for homeless people that would otherwise be ignored and classified as "crazy". Like my other charity I plug on here, The Samaritans, they are all about supporting people who need it without judgement, something I strive for in my own career and often fall short of the standard set by these sorts of groups.

So: In October, just 50 days from when I write this post, myself and my baby brother will be teaming up as "A Swift Half" to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon! We'll be running it in aid of Mind, and as such this will be raising fund from everywhere that we can. I know you get asked this a lot, and everyone you know has three justgiving type pages but if you can find yourself supporting this endevour with a small bit of change it will be extremely welcome from the both of us, and from the thousands of people they help each year.

Forward this post, of my own link of around the net, and help us to help others. If you're in London you could come down, watch, and maybe even join us in the pub for a ceremonial swift half (followed by us taking all of your loose change for charity, of course).

TL;DR? We're doing a 13 mile run for Mind, and if you donate money HERE that would be AMAZING.

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